photo portrait of John Papworth - Mediator

John's contractual advice is available quickly and can make a difference

Contractual Advice

This type of advice is available at any stage in a contract. Much of it can be given orally and later confirmed in writing and at little – and possibly no - cost. It can help direct a Party – or both Parties and the Architect/Engineer – towards the relevant terms of the contract or the correct interpretation of a term of a contract. This can provide a fresh view of the way the contract is supposed to work and often pulls Parties back from a potential dispute situation. Such advice is available quickly and can make a difference.

Having seen the exchanges between Contractors and Engineers on many projects over the years from the point of view of the tribunal, usually a Dispute Board or Adjudicator, John can assist (i) Engineers and their site staff in compiling their decisions and determinations, (ii) Employers in compiling their claims, (iii) Contractors in compiling their claims, especially to accord with the deadlines set by the Contracts and (iv) Subcontractors in preparing their claims and pursuing them. 

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