photo portrait of John Papworth - Mediator

John has experience of compiling many claims in different countries and on various types of project.


John has experience of compiling many claims in different countries and on various projects, including oil and gas projects, power stations (geothermal, coal-fired, combined cycle gas turbine, diesel turbine, combined heat and power and nuclear), highways, railways, underground services, M&E services and building.

John has recently helped a Malaysian contractor compile a complex submission to a Dispute Adjudication Board and a UK sub-contractor prepare for Adjudication.

The preparation of sensible claims is of great importance. Submissions to Dispute Boards, in Adjudications and in International Arbitrations are becoming ever more sophisticated. The claim document is likely to form the basis of the statement of case presented in those later forums. It must be clear and simple, yet comprehensive. John has produced many such documents and they have enabled the claims to be settled and paid to the Parties’ satisfaction before proceeding to the formal dispute process.

Having acted as a Dispute Board Chairman and Member for over 14 years and as an Adjudicator for nearly twenty years, John has seen many claim documents from the tribunal's point of view. John can bring this experience to bear on the perparation of claim documents to help the claiming Party set out and advance its case in a way which the tribunal will understand more clearly.

The timely preparation of notices, and especially particulars, are essential to claims complying with the deadlines included in contracts. John is able to advise all Parties to the construction process, including Employers, Contractors, Engineers, Architects and Subcontractors.

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