photo portrait of John Papworth - Mediator

John is an experienced trainer in contracts and dispute resolution.



New event: 28-29 May 2018: DRBF/ICC Asia Training Workshop on Dispute Boards, Bangkok, at which John will be one of the trainers 

John offers training in all aspects of international dispute resolution. Over the past 20 years, he has given training to companies and professional organisations. This can be by way of courses lasting one or two days, or seminars lasting part of a day or evening. The training is tailored to suit the participants’ requirements. The presentation of training is lively and encourages everyone to become involved and to make people think.

Over the past few years, John has presented and co-presented one- and three-day workshops on Dispute Boards and Dispute Adjudication Boards for the DRBF ( in Bangkok, Bucharest, Istanbul, London, Sao Paolo, Genoa, Sofia, Madrid and Ktustendil, Bulgaria.

John is a member of ICES’ Training Team. Go to to see details of the various courses offered. He has contributed articles to the ICES Journal on Dispute Boards and Dispute Adjudication Boards.

John is also one of ICES’ Regional Examiners who interview Members wanting to upgrade their level of Membership – go to

John has delivered day and evening talks on various aspects of dispute resolution, the FIDIC contracts and Claims in several countries.

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