photo portrait of John Papworth - Mediator

John spends most of his working life on Dispute boards for major infrastructure projects

Dispute Boards and Dispute Adjudication Boards ('DABs')

Dispute Adjudication Boards or Dispute Boards are a means of avoiding and preventing disputes as well as resolving them. They are in widespread international use on projects funded by donor banks and other lending organisations. Dispute Boards and Dispute Adjudication Boards have a proven record of resolving disputes without recourse to expensive arbitration.

Generally, John concentrates on ensuring disputes do not arise by talking to the parties during the site visits and offering to give informal opinions. These are a useful device as they are not binding and allow the Parties and the Engineer to see how the Dispute Adjudication Board or Dispute Board is thinking.

John has been either a Dispute Adjudication Board or Dispute Board Chairman or Sole Member on highway projects in East and Southern Europe, East and Southern Africa and on commercial, leisure and industrial projects in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

John is currently serving as either a Dispute Adjudication Board or Dispute Board Chairman, a Dispute Board Member of a three-Member Dispute Board or Sole Dispute Board Member on several Boards in various countries.

He has produced decisions on most of those projects, all of them complex and dealing with many issues. Only one of his decisions has been appealed to ICC Arbitration and his decision was upheld. He has also advised parties in the Dispute Board process, compiling and presenting claims to Dispute Adjudication Boards in East Africa. These obtained favourable results for the Parties concerned.

John gives seminars and workshop sessions for the DRBF and the DBF (see the Training page).

He is on the following lists of Dispute Board or Dispute Adjudication Board Members:

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